Vampire Savior Data Character frame Data
All data taken from Shu's website.

Translated and other things added by youthanasia.

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Damage Bar System

Vampire Savior's Damage Bar is indicated below in 3 color types:

Damage Gauge


  Recoverable damage (White Damage)
  Permanent damage (Red Damage)

  • The health bar consists of 144 pixels.

  • White damage recovery starts after 1 second of not being attacked.

Special Bar Stock System
  • The special bar consists of 144 pixels.

  • The special bar increases by performing normal moves.

  • When the bar is filled all the way, the number of stocks increases by 1.

  • Increases by 8 pixels for each hit received, however it stops increasing after the combo gets bigger than 12 hits.

  • When the stock number is 1 or more, Dark Force, ES Special Moves, EX Super Moves become avaiable to use.

The number of pixels that normals increase on the bar:
Normal Whiff Block Hit
Low attack 0 3 6
Medium attack 3 9 15
High attack 6 15 24

Vampire Savior Data Taken from Shu's website.