Vampire Savior Data Character frame Data
All data taken from Shu's website.

Translated and other things added by youthanasia.

Basic Controls Bar/Gauge Jumping Dashing Guarding Throwing Recovery Linking Reversals
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Basic Controls (Player 1 Side)


Name Command Explanation
Walk or on the ground You walk to the selected direction.
Crouch on the ground You crouch.
Jump on the ground You jump.
Dash or on the ground Dash to the selected direction.
Blocking While being attacked press Blocks standing except against crouching low normal moves.
Crouch Blocking While being attacked press Blocks crouching except against air normal moves.
Air Blocking While being attacked in the air press Blocks in the air except against ground normal moves.
Normal Moves From low punch to high kick. Your character uses normal moves which can be chained.
Special Moves Command + specified button Character specific special moves.
ES Special Moves Command + PP/KK Character specific special moves which use gauge bars.
EX Super Moves Specified command Character specific super moves which use gauge bars.
Dark Force P and K of same strenght Character enters a mode which gives him specific powers for a while.
Normal Throw or + P/K while close Throws the opponent in either direction.
Air Throw or + P/K while close in the air Throws the opponent.
Pursuit + P or K after opponent is knocked down Attacks the opponent when he is down on the floor.
Guard Cancel A Character specific command which can be used while block stunned. Cancels the block stun and strikes at the opponent.
Advanced Guarding 3-6 button presses while block stunned in a 12 frame window. Each additional press gives more chance of pushbacking the opponent from 3(25% chance) to 6(100% chance).
Throw Softening or + P/K instantly after getting thrown Reduces throw damage by half and avoids knockdown.
Recovering While knocked down press or + button You move to the front or back on the ground before recovering.
Taunt Start button Taunts the opponent.


Vampire Savior Data Taken from Shu's website.