Vampire Savior Data Character frame Data
All data taken from Shu's website.

Translated and other things added by youthanasia.

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When recovering from a knockdown or block stun, if you use a special move at the right time it will come out as a reversal, however there are several things to consider:

Time chart starting from the moment in which you can act (1 block = 1 frame)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Before recovering *  
0F - ...
1F - ...
4F - ...
0F - 4F
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

* 0F Immediately after recovering, when the reversal comes out.
  0F - From this moment onwards you can act, guarding is enabled and you become invincible to throwing.
1F - Normal and special moves, dark force , walking, dashing and jumping are enabled.
4F - When the recovery is complete, from this moment you become able to throw and your throwing invincibility ends.
0F - 4F Throwing invincibility.
  • Immediately after recovering, before the 1st frame, there is a time you cannot act normally (jump, throw, etc). However, you can reversal.
    (therefore a sucessful reversal will grant you atleast -1 frame of startup).
  • Throwing invincibility ends after 4 frames, and your are able to be thrown after the 5th frame starts.
    Because of this, on that moment(time chart - 5F), there is a bit of a random factor as sometimes weak attacks with 5F startup will win against throws and sometimes they will not.

  • When the command is input before the timing for the reversal starts, that input will be neglected.
    (Therefore no piano reversals, you need to reversal with the first press of the button.)

  • When the reversal comes out sucessfully, there is no throwing invincibility time.

  • You cannot throw during the first 4 frames after recovering to the front or rear, It is possible to command throw as a reversal however. (with the exception of 3 Characters: Q-Bee, Victor and Bishamon which can throw right after recovering to the left or right.)

Vampire Savior Data Taken from Shu's website.