DigiScoping Portugal

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The pictures on this website were taken using the DigiScoping method. For that I have used a Swarovski AT80HD telescope, Nikon Coolpix 995 and Mr. Cheang, Kum-Seng's (Malaysia) DigiScoping Set Up. Mr. Cheang's set up is really wonderfull and it is composed of a camera-to-scope adapter, an aiming device, a shutter release cable and its bracket and a balance plate so that the system does not become rear heavy due to the extra mass of the camera. Next I present some pictures of my set up just for reference. Presently I use Canon's Powershot A80 camera with the same scope and adapter.


The adapter has two holes so you can manipulate the zoom during the photo session (left). A simple rotation of the camera allows you to switch between vertical/horizontal composition (right).


Cable bracket in shutter release through the cable position (left). A small rotation of the silver plate lets you reach the camera shutter button (right).


The aiming device. This plastic plate (left) is sandwiched between the adapter and the scope's body. After calibrating the aiming device with the aiming device that the scope has on its sun-shield, just aim at the subject and shoot (right).


Set up without the balance plate (left). The system's center of mass is aproximatly on the yellow dashed line. This makes the whole set up fall backwards if the tripod's head is not tightened. With the balance plate, the center of mass is shifted forward untill it is directly above the tripod's head (right).

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