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Welcome to DigiScoping Portugal. This website is dedicated to digital photography through the DigiScoping method in which birds are the main subject. Nevertheless, on this site you will also find some astrophotographs. DigiScoping Portugal exists also with the purpose of spreading the DigiScoping method in Portugal, where it is still relatively unknown. In the portuguese version of this site I have made a somewhat extensive presentation of both the method and the necessary gear. Due to the many good websites on english language that discuss the technique, here I present only the gear that I use for your reference.

Above all this site is about sharing visions and sights through simple images, hoping to pay tribute to its subjects' and in general the world's beauty. To discuss and/or share your ideas related to this site's subject, please contact the author. To receive news and updates send a blank email with the subject news.


Aves de Portugal (Birds of Portugal) - SlideShow (.exe - only for Windows)
Images by José Viana, Faísca, Ricardo Guerreiro



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