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Author’s note: I am a Gloster breeder since 1990. I am partner of the GCP - Gloster Clube de Portugal, to whose founders I take the chance to say thank you, and to present my admiration for the initiative they did have.


In this site I will share with you the knowledge that I have been accumulating during these years, from books, magazines, internet sites and, most important, from talking with other national and international Gloster breeders. All articles in this site represent my opinion regarding the respective matters, and thus they worth what they worth. You will find also links to other sites whose content I think that is important to Gloster breeders.


Under my availability I will be glad to answer any question not covered in this site.


I only ask you one favour: don’t sacrifice your dignity and seriousness because you breed Glosters. Unfortunately I see that happening often. Remember this is just a hobby.

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