This meter is for you, If you repair switch-mode power supplies, high voltage circuits stages in: TV receivers, computer monitors, photocopying/fax machines, vintage radios, personal computers, gaming computers, motherboard recap service or similar equipment, and/or if you need to measure very low values of resistance, this meter can save you lots of time and aggravation...  why?? Simply because the loss of time, with each repair *, is very low,  for all faults that involve having to measure the electrolytic capacitors, this device measures them right in the circuit, and this becomes very fast even if that circuit has many capacitors. Thus much repair time with the easy cases, will be much more time available to concentrate on the most difficult ones , greatly increasing the profitability of your repairs.

This device measures an aspect of electrolytic capacitor performance which is very important, but normally very difficult to check: the equivalent series resistance, or ‘ESR’, (cause a catastrophic failure in circuit, if ‘ESR’ value raises in one or more electros around)  ESR is not possible to measure with common capacity checker. 

 *more than 90% of equipment malfunction is due to flaws in electrolytic capacitors

All you could do with this meter:

-It quickly and easily identify defective electrolytic  capacitors from 1uF to 1 Farad or more

while they were still in circuit, (or outside if need) by checking ESR value in Ohms 

 -Check resistance values from 0,01 ohm to 99ohm with 1% accuracy and 0,01ohm resolution                         

 -Check for short circuits PCB tracks, solder joints, cables

-Check for bad contacts in electric contacts/switches/Relays

 -Wound your own precision/power resistors, for antique electronic devices or heating devices      


 -White meter also check physical condition of any kind of battery up to 24V 12Ah

single or multiple cells. Measurements could be taken with batteries connected to circuit or charging devices.

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Able to measure battery, same price as black meter

This ESR & Low Ohm meter had result as a professional-quality  meter which is the result of close collaboration with Bob Parker, the designer of the well-known DSE ESR kit meter.
  The result is a much-improved product that is based on his original design. 


      ESR Range:                 0.01   -    99Ω

      Output test signal:     150KHz (Sine wave)
      Output voltage:         100 mV p-p (in-circuit test)

                                      up to 500mV p-p off circuit)                                                 

      Power consumption:  120 mW                                                          
      Battery:                    1 x 9volt (IEC 6LR61)                                    
      Dimensions:              131 x  65 x 30 (mm)  

      Weight :                   97g (excluding battery)

Find bad Cap quickly and reliably–In circuit!  
Check surface mount Caps without removing!  
Auto Power off, Makes your batteries last longer 

All EVB meters, assembled or kit include

>test leads

>discharge resistor 

 >pair of aligator clips 

 for white meter aligator clips are special made for safely measure large capacity batteries

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 All meters, (including KIT version), have the special regulator LP2950CZ  5.0,  and high preformance Kingbright Displays to make 9 volt battery last longer.

New case option available (stronger high quality ABS, top cover secured by four countersunk screws)   blue Kingbright displays, blue graphics layer and 6xAA battery holder, this model is the same as K7214 MK2, one unit cost 74€ including test leads, crocodile clip leads, shipping and tracking number, ref. to order  "EVB C",  power option for 3x 18650 li-ion available (add 4€). Could be pre-ordered to measure  batteries, big diodes will not be mounted and will supply the special crocodile test clips, to safely mesure them.


These case model (both) have been referred as EVB S, when order them please mention this ref. plus colour


If you want place an order as a registered VAT Company, within EU and, consequently, will ask for a comercial Invoice for VAT and TAX purposes after payment,  please declare it on first email and present respective Company Information and VAT number