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Please note:


The carrier used to dispatch the meters is Portuguese Post Office www.ctt.pt mail.

No other carrier is used shuch UPS or DHL


All parcels are dispatched as Prioritary Air Mail, with registration like RD #### #### # PT


This number works as tracking number within European Union only.


for all other countrys, including USA, Canada and Australia this registration  number have only the use of register the parcel and serve as proof of shipping,

 in case of buyer not receive the parcel or parcel get lost, at the end of the average time stipulated for each case,  will begin the process to return the payment via PayPal and open the investigation process by my Postal service www.ctt.pt , in case the parcel is delivered to the recipient after PayPal has refunded the customer, the proof of delivery of the order resulting from the investigation will be sent to the service PayPal so that the re-payment for the order could be restored. priority, airmail,


If after 20 working days the order does not arrive, please advise, for the above mentioned procedure will be initiated.


The meters are available in stock, otherwise, whenever a model can not be provided or is temporarily unavailable, the respective PayPal button for payment will be inactive until the situation is normalized.

once your purchase is made the shipment will be done in the next 1-3 days, after your order be placed 

and  notification of your PayPal payment, you'll receive an e-mail confirming reception of your order

 it will be forwarded to your address

I'll comunicate all steps regarding your order as soon as possible.

Very Important: Once you make the payment and your shipping address is not the same as written on your PayPal information, you should inform the correct shipping address, imediately after made your payment.