→ The GTIM is a LEAGUE, with the following rules:

  1. The GTIM LEAGUE will start as soon as we have 20 teams to play it, confirmed and out of the national cups.
  2. Teams can apply at the official thread at the HT Global Forum (only in English - (14522550.1) or at the TIM CUP (9340) or GTI CUP (73332) FEDs (only for members).
  3. 2.1 - The list of participants will be available at the HT Global Forum thread: (14522550.7)
    2.1.1 - New teams can join until the end of the last match of each round.
    2.2 - The maximum number of teams by country is 5.
    2.2.1 - This limit can be exceed to accept teams from previous TIMs and GTIs cups.

  4. No fixtures will be available before each round.
  5. 3.1 - To play the GTIM LEAGUE, you need to book a match against another GTIM LEAGUE member every week. You have to find your opponent by yourself.
    3.2 - The matches are absolutely free. You can play:
    •against any other member
    •in normal or cup rules
    •in any stadium; home, away or neutral ground.

    3.3-You can also invite teams from outside the GTIM if:
    •we don't have any team from that country at GTIM
    •you write to the new team inviting him to join the GTIM
    •you write to the administrators to inform about the situation
    •you are not playing the Cup System at the last 3 weeks of the season
    •you don't forget to act according the point 7.1 of the rules
    3.3.1-A match booked according to point 3.3 will be a GTIM match, even if the invited team don't accept to join the GTIM.

  6. GTIM is a league.
  7. 4.1 - Teams receive points by the final score (after 90, 120 or penalty shoots) in each round:
    •winner, 3 points
    •no winner, 1 point each team
    •loser, 0 points
    4.2 - A table with the matches and the classification will be available after each round
    4.3 - The winner will be the team with more points at the end of the season
    4.3.1 - If more than one team have the same number of points, the winner will be (by order): the team with best goal difference, the team with more goals scored or, if necessary, the score from the matches that teams played against each other

  8. The Cup System:
  9. 5.1 - To have more competition and a fair winner, the best 40 teams will play a Cup system at the last 3 rounds of each season.
    5.2 - These teams will play different cups, in groups of 8, with this format:
    1st round - 1st against 8th (match A), 2nd against 7th (match B), 3rd against 6th (match C) and 4th against 5th (match D). But also, 9th against 16th, 10th against 15th, and ... 2nd round - Match A winner against match D winner and match B winner against match D winner (and the same for all other winners) 3rd round - Winners against winners, to decide the cup winner, and losers against losers, to decide the 3rd place.
    5.3 - The team with more points (before the start of the final cups) plays at home in these rounds. Only the manger of that team can accept to play in a different stadium.
    5.3.1 - The final of each cup is on neutral ground, away from the region of both teams.
    5.4 - These rounds will decide the winners of our traditional cups:
    •Champions Cup (for 1st to 8th at the league classification)
    •Golden Cup (for 9th to 16th)
    •Silver Cup (17th to 24th)
    •GTI Cup (25th to 32th)
    •TIM Cup (33th to 40th)
    •VIP CUP (Invitation)
    5.5 - Rules to book these matches:
    5.5.1 - Both teams can make the invitation
    5.5.2 - At your first logon (after 8:00am) on Thursday please:
    •invite your opponent
    •accept the invitation he made
    5.5.3 - The matches must be booked before SUNDAY at 9 PM, HT TIME

  10. Any member can organize small cups inside the GTIM LEAGUE and invite other members to play it.
  11. 6.1 - These cups must end 3 weeks before the end of the season.

  12. As a GTIM LEAGUE member, you:
  13. 7.1 - Have the obligation to invite at least 8 other GTIM members to play against you every week.
    7.2 - Can send 1 ht-mail to your opponent, using "GTIM" as subject, to make him know you are inviting him to play a GTIM LEAGUE match. But JUST ONE each week, please don't spam the other teams

  14. Your team represent your country at the Nations League. All matches are important.
  15. 8.1 - In each week, the points from all teams of a country are divided by the number of their teams with a match played.
    8.2 - The winner will be the country with more points at the end of the season.
    8.3 - If more than one country have the same points, the winner will be the country with more matches played.
    8.4 - Matches between teams from the same country are also eligible.

  16. You have no obligation to accept an invitation from another member but please try to accept it, because:
  17. 9.1 - Teams that failed to book their friendly match in 3 consecutive weeks can be exclude.
    9.2 - Only teams with 4 or more matches can play the final Cup rounds.
    9.3 - Teams with less than 4 matches can be excluded for next season league.
    9.4 - All teams with 5 matches or more will be qualify for next season league automatically.

  18. When you join the GTIM LEAGUE you:
  19. 10.1 - Accept the present rules.
    10.2 - Accept the use and the restriction to the use of ht-mails, as said at 7.2.
    10.3 - Accept the decisions from the administrators to solve any problem.

  20. If you fail to act according to the rules, you can be excluded from the GTIM LEAGUE.

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