Breeding, Selection and Training

German Shepherd Dog

You finished to find the first Portuguese page to be constructed for the Internet of a dedicated kennel to the breed, selection and training of the German Shepherd Dog.


This kennel is dedicated to breeding this noble breed since 1993 having since this year if regulated for the norms of reproduction demanded by the SV (Club of the Dog German Shepherd in its nation of Origin) even so its owner is in the canine world since the 13 years of age with its first  German Shepherd Dog. After to have contact with many breeds of the group of Herding Dogs and of the group of Guard and Utility Dogs he was determined to breeding that better are distinguished for its nobility of character and versatility.


Since this moment the search for information was constant until the present in the search of good dogs and actualized methods of breeding in what the animal health says respect, physiological characteristic and in character of the dogs used. To reach these objectives it was necessary to be member of dog clubs that much had contributed for the learning of norms to fulfill in the reproduction of the of German Shepherd Dog such as the Real Club Espanol del Perro de Pastor Aleman and the Verein fur Deustch Schaferhund (SV).


This kennel was also pioneering in making the hip tests in Portugal and getting at the time the certification for reproduction for a recognized club for the World-wide Union of Clubs of the Dog of German Shepherd Dog (WUSV) with the used dogs.


To reach better resulted in health terms it was also necessary to be had in consideration in the development of the kennel the cares to have with the lodging and the conditions of hygiene to have with the dogs such as draining of waters used in the cleanness, isolation of the cold and the heat in the rest areas, heating in the winter.


More recently this kennel was again pioneering at the moment of the formation of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Portugal being charter member in the search of the development of the breed, and your owner was the reproduction coordinator since the foundation until the year 2010.


The German Shepherd Dog and its development are the objectiv of the kennel with the name Vulpos Velox and for this reason it is always to the search of people with the same passion, for which it always has the open doors.

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